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Danish licensed plumber VESI VVS. HVAC Company in Denmark -

Tlf. 50 20 20 70

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Danish Licensed Plumber in Egedal Ølstykke

VESI VVS Danish HVAC Plumbing Company in Northern Zealand

Vesi Is the name of a Danish plumber business. The company is approved by the Danish government, and certified to performing plumbing business. The HVAC installer have over 25 years experience in plumbing industry. The Plumbing company operates all over the capital region of Copenhagen. Vesi VVS are located in Northern Zealand Egedal Ølstykke. Call +45 50 20 20 70

Business Info:
ved Jesper Bjeverskov
Kornvænget 86, 3650 Ølstykke, Egedal
(+45) 50 20 20 70
vat: 30 41 41 52

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday
07.00 - 17.00
Saturday & Sunday


VESI VVS Perform in Denmark Zealand Egedal Ølstykke

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English comprehension
Ability to read
and understand English: Average

Educated at
Copenhagen school of desing and technology
Copenhagen Business Academy
Academy of professional higher education
AP Graduate in: Service Enigieering - HVAC - VVS

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